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Green Force is the pioneer in the manufacturing of organic based fertilizers in Pakistan. Specializing in organic based specialty products ranging from organic soil conditioner, organic seed upto organic based NPK blended fertilizers, we produce a range of multi application products in the field of agriculture.

Established in 1998 as a small waste recycling plant, Green Force has since developed into a leading player in the agriculture market as the second ranked supplier of blended fertilizers after Engro Chemicals Ltd. Since early part of 2001, the company has been producing and selling organic based NPK fertilizers made from recycling of organic wastes collected from the households and fruits & vegetable markets. The company has grown significantly since then gaining about 20% of the market share in the NPK fertilizer industry. The company boasts of such multinationals as Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd. (PTC) and Unilever as its customers for the blended NPK fertilizers and Maxcorp Developers as the biggest users for their Golf Course turfs.

Green Force has a network of over 100 dedicated dealers throughout the Country and the sales are being targeted in all the four provinces specially Punjab and NWFP. The company has a distinct feature in preparing specialized blends for each crop such as maize, vegetables, rice, cotton, wheat and orchards. This provides it a year round market and not a seasonal sales.

Volume in sales is increasing at a very rapid pace as consumer confidence in the product grows. At the moment our sales network is spread through Pakistan with most concentration in Punjab and NWFP. There are currently over 100 dealers in these regions with an annual sales revenue crossing Rs. 541.49 million at year end 2006-07. The dealer network comprises of “Green Shops” where our fertilizer is sold along with other agricultural inputs such as seeds and pesticides which are arranged by our company to facilitate our dealers. Green Shops also serve as Farmer Advisory Centre where qualified Agronomists and Soil Scientists are hired as the Field Technical Officers.


These Green Shops are now operating in the Districts of Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Hafizabad, Okara, Kasur, Sahiwal and Pak Pattan. In addition to these the direct sales are offered to the multinationals such as Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd. (PTC) which uses Green Force NPK fertilizer for its Tobacco Crop over 70,000 Acres in NWFP and Unilever Lipton which uses the special blend of Green Force NPK fertilizer for their Tea Plantations in Shinkiari, Abbotabad.

Green Force has been regularly expanding its facilities and only recently bought over a rival company by the name of AEFFCO thus making only two producers of this product in the market currently.  The company has been investing heavily into its research and development processes and has been able to develop key formulas which are highly successful in the field. The company is now in the process of registering these formulas under the patent act. Our success has been achieved through a commitment to continuously improve our product and competitiveness in the market by working at the highest level of accredition for quality, health, safety and environment. We have developed efficient management systems and expanding our efforts in the field of R&D, adding new products, optimizing our processes and upgrading the quality of our products and operations.

The People

One of the keys to Green Force’s success is the high quality of personnel and the total commitment of its employees. We consider the skills and dedication of our personnel to be our most important resource. A great effort is put into the selection of our employees in all positions and special effort is made into the preparation and execution of employee training and continuous learning programs.

The personnel consist of qualified agriculture officers along with Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Bio Technologist, Bio Chemists, Agronomists, Soil Scientists and Laboratory Staff which is supported by a large number of field sales force.

Research & Development

There are 3 Ph.Ds incharge of the different processes being continuously developed in our well equipped laboratory. They are supported by a team of dedicated scientists and engineers who are all qualified from leading universities in the country as well as abroad. We are associated with the National University of Science & Technology (NUST), University of Engineering & Technology (UET) and the Punjab University all of whom have accredited courses on bio technology at our Plant.

Mechanical Engineering

We specialize in design, detailed engineering supply, erection and commissioning of fertilial  belnding and mineral beneficiation plant. We have to date designed a low grade rock phosphate beneficiation plant and a NPK blending and granulation facility in Lahore.

Out two productions units are managed through full time qualified mechanical engineers who have over 30 years experience in the field of fabrication and plant manufacturing.

The operations of our production units are fully supported by the Mechanical Engineering Department head by Dr. Ijaz Choudhy, a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering and Mr. Naeem Iqbal who has served as Design Engineer in the company from over 10 years.


For decades, fertilizers, especially chemically based fertilizers, have been widely used for crop production in order the meet the increasing food demand for our Country’s growing population. Unfortunately, we have achieved an adequate food supply and production at the expense of the quality of the environment and more importantly our health. After many years of reliance on chemical fertilizers we have come to realize that heavy dosage of chemical fertilizers is closely linked to problems such as;

  • Serious Contamination of Ground Water
  • Depreciating food safety due to chemicals
  • Devastation of the soils and marine eco systems
  • Deteriorating soil quality in terms of lowered natural fertility

Governments in many countries and an increasing number of consumers have awoken to these problems and the serious consequences they have for the sustainability of the environment, agriculture and human health. Huge amounts of resources have been spent on developing and employing practical alternatives that can effectively contribute to the sustainability of the environment, support long term agricultural development and provide an adequate supply of food that is safe for human consumption.

Taqatwar” is a revolutionary active eco fertilizer developed by Green Force as a practical and productive tool to enable significant reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers. An organic based granular fertilizer that produces nutrients in response to the actual need of the crop it is being applied to, “Taqatwar” is designed to offer an economically viable and environmentally friendly solution to the urgent problems faced by the Governments, growers and agricultural industry practitioners.

Over the last 4 years, results achieved on various crops in all the four provinces of Pakistan, have suggested that “Taqatwar” matches the yields made possible by traditional chemical fertilizers. They also demonstrate its ability to be a more environmentally friendly source of essential nutrients, resulting in a better quality of crop and an improvement in the quality of the soil.

Clean & Green Lahore

Taqatwar” is able to achieve an abundant and timely supply of essential nutrients needed by crops to grow healthy. The risk of leaching to the environment to cause pollution and eutrophication is thereby greatly minimized. “Taqatwar” has revolutionized the whole concept of fertilizers in terms of maintaining high levels of productivity without causing any environmental pollution while minimizing harmful residues in crops so that they are safe to eat. It also avoids an accumulation of excessive nutrients which causes the hardening of soils and eventually the loss of natural fertility. Indeed “Taqatwar” improves the quality of soil after prolonged use, benefiting farmers in the longer term.

Better Nutrient Efficiency

Conventional fertilizers usually need to be reapplied in order to keep pace with the crops demand for nutrients throughout their growth period. Very often, crops will either be over-fed or under nourished, leading to a loss of yield or decrease in quality.

Operating on a smart nutrient supply mechanism “Taqatwar” granules interact intelligently with the root systems of plants ensuring the supply of nutrients required for the growth of the plant.  Moreover, one application of “Taqatwar” usually supplies nutrients for about 150 days. Thus it makes crop nutrient monitoring simpler while providing for the need of most common crops to achieve healthy growth.